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Access ALL 11 Music Theory Courses. Pricing includes PDF workbooks and courses.

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Teachers: imagine not having to worry about your students' music theory progress.  Imagine consistent and gradual music theory knowledge without any additional lesson planning or work on your end!  

Students: imagine learning music theory through video instructions and workbooks, created and taught by an expert in music theory.

The all level bundle gives you access to use ALL eleven music theory courses.  These are online courses that have 15-20 units in each level.  Under each unit, students watch a video explaining the music theory concept and can complete workbook pages.  Every course includes a vibrant 30-45 page workbook in PDF form. Workbooks contain answer keys so can be self-graded.

The eleven courses cover eleven years of music theory knowledge.   Teachers: all of your students can use the courses during your lesson or lab time or at home.  The access not only includes all of the video lessons and interactive exercises, but also unlimited prints of the PDF workbooks. You will receive one teacher login, and your entire stingle-teacher studio can login and access the courses with your login. Students - working your way through the eleven courses will give you music theory knowledge up to what is taught in the first semester of university level music theory. This will take you from zero knowledge in music theory to working at the level of a music major!

Included in the bundle is a community message board - swap ideas, learn, and grow together.  What are you waiting for?  Start your students on a solid progression of music theory knowledge today!

*Teachers, please contact me for pricing for multi-teacher studios, individual student logos,  or school classrooms.  

Kathy Winston

Dr. Kathy Winston holds a doctorate of musical arts (DMA) in music education, piano pedagogy from the University of Texas-Austin.  Her other degrees include a MM in Piano performance from SMU and a BM in Piano Performance from Trinity University.  She is an active piano teacher in the Austin, TX area.  Dr. Winston founded Velocity Music Academy in Cedar Park, TX and was the executive director and business owner from 2010-2020.  She is also the founder and course creator at Piano Program, providing music theory courses and resources to teachers.  As an entrepreneur, Dr. Winston provides consulting to studio and business owners.  In her free time, you'll find her being mom to her two amazing teens, gardening in her backyard garden, and hiking around town with her pups.  

“The Community Arts Academy at the University of Houston uses these superb videos with our adult students. They find the videos to be an absolutely perfect addition to their musical studies.”

- Todd Van Kekerix

University of Houston, Professor of Piano Pedagogy

After trying several different theory options in my middle school piano lab, I decided on Kathy Rabago´s program and I couldn´t be more pleased! I teach multiple levels in one class, and Kathy´s program allows me to differentiate instruction with ease. The videos are engaging and visually appealing, and super easy for kids to understand. This theory program is the best one I’ve found for my classroom needs. 

- Sheri Dacon, Piano Instructor

The Classical Center at Brandenburg Middle School

Have you ever been excited about something where it ends up taking over your dreams? This happens to me all the time, but I didn’t expect it to happen with this… Dr. Kathy Rabago has created Music Theory Courses for students. These courses are the very definition of flipped learning and something that I have been wanting to find for a while. Students learn the music theory concepts at home or during their music lab time, reinforce the concepts through worksheets (provided), and return to their lessons with an increased knowledge of music theory.

Jennifer Foxx
Piano Teacher

We are enjoying your program so much, thank you for all your hard work!
Jessica Christiansen

Piano Teacher

Thank you so much for developing your theory course! I am using it in my students’ enrichment time alongside their private lessons.
Sheila Dacus

Piano Teacher

I teach piano lab at a middle school....and I will need to put in a purchase order before I can renew. . . just want to make sure I don’t have a lapse there. Love this program!
Sheri Dacon

Middle School Teacher