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Rest assured that your students' music theory knowledge is accurate and complete from the very first lesson.  

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Students & teachers - here's how to login to your courses. Make sure you or your teacher have purchased the course(s) before you sign in.  

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You have three options to access your workbooks - order a print copy, print yourself at home, or go all digital!  Find out how below.  

Thorough Music Theory Knowledge

The entire sequence of Piano Program Music Theory Courses will take your students from a 1st grade level to precollege level in music theory.  No more worrying about trying to integrate music theory knowledge in lessons!  All courses and lessons taught by Dr. Kathy Rabago

Self Paced Learning

Students and teachers can access courses from any device, at any time.  Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons, and no limits on the number of times you can print the workbook and worksheets.  Pricing available for individual teacher/studio login with option individual student access.  Hardcopies of the workbook available for purchase.

Teacher & Student Community

Join our community and connect with other teachers and schools and students from around the world who are also using the Piano Program Music Theory Courses. Learn and share with the ever growing community.