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Teaching can be challenging.  But we love this profession!  Why not rely on an expert in the field to create, find, and curate digital resources for you to use in your own teaching? I hold a doctorate in piano pedagogy & 25+ years of teaching experience, and I want to use that experience and expertise to create resources that you will love.  Some months, guest musicians & pedagogues will create resources for us as well and join us in our monthly live chats to talk about utilizing these resources.  

Time Saving

No need to spend precious time finding & creating your own digital teaching resources!  Each month, 4 new digital resources covering topics such as music history, music theory. composition, & more will be added for you to use in your teaching.  Simply open the course to use with your students - online, or in-person.  Every month will cover a variety of student levels and interests.  

Engaging & Fun!

The key to having learning 'stick' is to make it fun, engaging, and memorable for students.  Digital resources can bring an extra dose of zing to your lessons - leaving students smiling, chatting, AND learning.  Happy students who are learning = high retention in YOUR studio.  

Online or in-person?

The resources will work as a screen share over your favorite internet teaching tool (zoom, etc.) and/or as digital resources on your computer or tablet during your in-person lessons or lab time.  


I know that the majority of teachers teach many levels of students.  So every month, the resources will be targeted to a variety of levels of students.  


Every month, 4 new resources will be delivered to your course for use with your students, covering a variety of music topics from music history, music theory, composition, and more.  

How-To Meetings

Join me online once a month to go over the new resources with ideas on how to implement in your own studio.  Some months, special guests will join us to talk about their expertise!

Take a peek inside of some of the digital files that are included:

The Piano program box - monthly digital resources


Per Month

  • 4 resources per month, 
  • licensed to use with all of your students
  • month to month - you can stop at anytime
  • fun, engaging, & educational!
  • monthly online chat with Kathy Rabago with Q & A on how to implement resources in your teaching